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Celebrate National Donut Day on June 3rd!

Yes, there is a whole day dedicated to donuts! What could be better than that! The first Friday every June is National Donut Day, celebrated annually. But, did you know that National Donut Day actually has a fascinating history? 

That’s right, National Donut Day is meant to honor the Salvation Army Lassies. The Salvation Army Lassies are women who actually served donuts to soldiers during WWI. Providing a morale boost to the troops. 

The presence of these courageous women and the taste of home from the donuts brought a feeling of light, joy, and happiness to the battlefield. Later nicknamed the Donut Lassies, they are credited for popularizing the dessert in America. 

Celebrate the day by enjoying your favorite donut! With a large variety of donuts to choose from, everyone will appreciate a delicious donut. 

Today could be the perfect day to check out a local bakery, or find a recipe to make donuts yourself! 

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